Welcome to the Swamy Group

Welcome to the Swamy Group
The Swamy Group is run by Dr. Arvind Narayanaswamy. Past and current areas of research include:
  • Thermal radiation - near field effects, selective emission, Green's function solutions for electromagnetic scattering
  • Dispersive forces - van der Waals and Casimir forces, adhesion, phase change heat transfer
  • Thermal measurements with bimaterial cantilevers - heat flow through nanostructures, electrospinning of nanowires
  • Fluid dymanics - computational fluid dynamics, mechanics of froths
  • Desalination using solar energy

Students looking to get involved may contact Professor Narayanaswamy directly by email or stop by Mudd 127 and talk to a graduate student.

500 W 120th St, Mudd 246, New York, NY 10027    212-854-0303                
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